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Breast augmentation (Augmentation Mammaplasty)


Breast augmentation involves placing the breast implant behind the sub-glandular breast tissue or behind the pectoralis major muscle. Slimmer patients usually are best suited to placement of the implant under the muscle so that its upper edge is inconspicuous.
Anatomically or round shaped implants are filled with gel-like silicone and are available in various sizes. Manufacturers include the following companies: Mentor, McGhan, Nagor.
The incisions are made in the crease under the breast or periareolarly. The cut in the crease allows for natural breast feeding after the surgery. The size and type of implants used depend on the mutual decision of the patient and the surgeon. For the most part it is determined by the patient's anatomy, condition and size of the breasts, understanding the limitations and possible complications after the enlargements, planned long-term best possible surgery outcome.

Additional information:
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1-2 hours.



Stay in the clinic:

1-2 days.

Side effects:

Temporary pain, swelling, altered sensitivity of the nipple.
Breast may increase its sensitivity to touch for several weeks.

Possible complications:

Scar formation around the implant which may cause the breast feel tight and hard. Bleeding. Infection. Sensitivity of the nipple and skin can be either increased or decreased (rarely permanent). Implant rupture (broken implant shell must be surgically replaced with a new one - in this case, provided by the manufacturer).


Return to work: several days.
Pain during physical contact with breasts: 3-4 weeks.
Scar maturation: from several months to one year.
A special post-operative or sports bra is required.

Final effect duration:

The implants may be removed or replaced if damaged or upon patient's request in order to change the breasts size or adjust their shape after several years.

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