dr n. med.

Jacek Jarliński

I've been working with plastic surgery since 1991. It is both my conscious choice and great passion; therefore from the very beginning of my education I've been developing and mastering my skills as a surgeon.

Plastic Surgery Practice

Located at 54 Żelazna Street in Wrocław, AESTETICA Surgery Practice has been running since 2007. We offer a fully-equipped professional operating theatre and a luxurious recovery room for patients required to remain under the care of our qualified staff.


  • Chirurgia plastyczna AESTETICA
  • dr Jacek Jarliński
  • ul. Żelazna 54, lokal 2
  • 53-429 Wrocław
  • Registration: +48 783 603 603
  • e-mail: jarlinski@aestetica.pl

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