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BioDynamic ™ Implant Selection
a computer system of breast implants selection

Choosing the right breast implants is not easy. All women dream of beautiful breasts but for each woman this dream is different. For the breast augmentation surgery to be successful for both the patient and the surgeon, the implants must be adjusted to the needs and expectations of the patient.

A number of parameters must be taken into consideration while selecting the implants:

  • the patient's anatomy
  • size of the chest
  • state of patient's own breasts
  • possible asymmetry
  • skin condition

In order to meet the patient's and surgeon's expectations Allergan, a company manufacturing McGhan breast implants, introduced a computer system of visual breast implants selection called BioDynamic. The computer software analyses entered breast and chest data and information about the patient's expectations towards the size and the shape of future breasts. The shape and the size of the implants are customized by the computer which helps in deciding the best fitting implants.

The crucial responsibility is on the surgeon and his experience resulting from years of practice and his ability to assess the progress of the surgery and the situation after. The programme BioDynamic allows for a more accurate presentation of the process of selection and adjustment of breast implants and better understanding of the patient's expectations. Very often it is not until the detailed measurements and exhaustive consultation that the patient is able to describe the expected size and shape of the breasts.

Trying on sample breast spacers, assessing the expected results of the surgery and examining the whole body after it constitute the grounds for the patient's and surgeon's mutual decision about the breast implants selection.


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