Medycyna estetyczna Wolumetria

Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of small doses of medications in order to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. By providing skin with nutrients we can effectively improve the condition of the skin, hinder its ageing process and diminish the adverse effects it suffers from weather conditions or toxins. Eventually, the skin becomes healthier, firmer, moister and smoother. Intracutaneous injections ensure that the nutrients reach the skin and make the mesotherapy far more effective any of the best cosmetics.


MEZOLIS / MEZOLIS+ are the state-of-the-art fillers that are used for skin injections performed as part of treatment of dry skin. Exposed to inclement weather conditions and polluted air, affected by direct solar radiation, debilitated by the adverse effect of tobacco use or hormone changes and subject to natural ageing processes, the skin loses one of its basic constituents - the hyaluronic acid. Skin becomes dry, sallow, and easy for wrinkles and creases to appear. Injecting small doses of hyaluronic acid into skin refreshes it significantly. Rejuvenated and regenerated skin recovers its gloss, firmness and elasticity. - official website


Medycyna estetyczna Wolumetria


  • Treatment using one ampule of the substance (1ml) - 400zł.


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