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Which examinations should be done before the surgery?

For surgeries done under topical anaesthesia the following blood examinations are necessary:

  • morphology
  • coagulation system APTT and prothrombin time

For surgeries done under general anaesthesia the following ADDITIONAL examinations are required:

  • blood type
  • ECG

For breast surgeries the following ADDITIONAL examinations are required:

  • breast ultrasonography or mammography

Additional examinations possible upon the surgeon's request.

Is it possible to completely remove a scar?

Scars cannot be completely removed. Ugly-looking scars can be improved but it is not always worth the surgery or effective. Prior to the surgery a consultation is necessary and it can be scheduled via phone. Price of the surgery depends on the length of the scar, its location and the duration of the surgery.

Is it necessary to vaccinate against jaundice?

Vaccination against Hepatitis B is NOT MANDATORY but RECOMMENDED for persons intending to undergo surgeries.

The vaccination is done according to one of two schedules:

  • classic: 1st, 30th, 180th day.
    Full vaccination cycle ensuring long-term protection consists of three doses applied according to the schedule. The second vaccination should be done a month after the first and the last after six months from the first. Satisfactory level of antibody protection is reached after two weeks from the second vaccination. Only after the full vaccination cycle has been completed is the long-term protection ensured. Currently for persons outside the risk group booster shots are not recommended.
  • fast: 1st, 7th, 21st day.

Is protruding ears correction suitable for children?

Protruding ears correction is usually done for teenagers and children. The best moment for a child is the time between going to school and changing the background. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.
Local anaesthesia is used for older children and adults.


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