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Wrinkle filling - hyaluronic acid


Medycyna estetyczna Wypełnianie zmarszczek

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in human's skin and subcutaneous tissue. It is responsible for the right skin moisture and firmness as well as for the volume of subcutaneous tissue. With ageing skin gradually exhausts its natural deposits of hyaluronic acid. The skin loses support, becomes dry and slack, wrinkles and lines appear on the face.

Preparaty zawierające kwas hialuronowy pozwalają na wypełnienie zmarszczek i głębokich bruzd twarzy. Podawane zgodnie z odpowiednim schematem powodują korekcję różnych okolic twarzy: Najczęściej wypełnia się:

  • deep cheek folds (nasolabial folds)
  • smoker wrinkles around lips
  • drooping corners of the mouth
  • marionette lines (downward lines either side of the mouth)
  • glabellar wrinkles
  • vertical forehead lines

The procedure is minimally invasive and the patient is not required to make any special preparations. All the contraindications are excluded during the consultation. Then, together with the doctor, the treatment is planned with respect to which parts of the face will be treated. Depending on the facial area treated, the procedure is done under EMLA cream anaesthesia or dental anaesthesia. The patient can return home right after the procedure, but must refrain from intensive physical activities, bending or severe temperature changes (e.g. sauna) for one day. Usually, normal activities and work can be resumed on the next day. The treatment effects last for about 9-12 months.


Medycyna estetyczna Wypełnianie zmarszczek TEYOSYAL


  • Treatment using one ampule of the substance (1ml) - 1000zł -1200zł.

Contraindications for the treatment:

  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, lidocaine or other topical anaesthetics
  • skin infections in the area of the injection (inflammation, herpes)
  • concurrent laser treatment, deep chemical peels, dermabrasion
  • immunodeficiency
  • a history of autoimmune diseases
  • unstable diabetes
  • pregnancy and breast feeding

Possible adverse drug reactions:

  • As with all procedures involving prescription-only medicines, wrinkle filling that uses botulinum toxin can cause adverse reactions. Any adverse reaction appears within several days from the treatment and is only temporary. After each procedure that requires injection, the patient should expect minor pain, burning sensation, prickling, puffs and swelling caused by the injection.


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