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Prices of aesthetic medicine procedures



Consultation on the treatment of aesthetic medicine




BOTOX ® - line of wrath

400zł - 550zł

BOTOX ® – horizontal wrinkles of the forehead

400zł - 550zł

BOTOX ® – wrinkles around the eyes

400zł - 500zł

BOTOX ® – horizontal wrinkles on the nose

400zł - 500zł

BOTOX ® – wrinkles of the beard

400zł - 550zł

BOTOX ® – wrinkles of the smoker

400zł - 550zł

BOTOX ® – wrinkles on the neck and neckline

400zł - 650zł

BOTOX ® – treatment of hyperhidrosis: armpit (both)

from 1 500zł

BOTOX ® – Botox Lift (3 or 4 around at once)

1 200zł

BOTOX ® – hyperhidrosis treatment: armpits (both)

from 1 500zł

BOTOX ® – hyperhidrosis treatment: hands (both)

from 1 700zł

BOTOX ® – hyperhidrosis treatment: feet (both)

from 1 900zł

BOTOX ® – bruxism treatment (clenching of teeth)

from 600zł

BOTOX ® – migraine treatment

from 600zł

Wrinkle reduction, face oval modeling (fillers, hyaluronic acid)


Hyaluronic acid

1 000zł – 1 200zł 1 amp.

Lip modeling

1 200zł 1 amp.

Non-surgical correction of the nose shape

1 500zł 1 amp.

Volumetry 1 ml

1 000zł

Volumetry 2 ml

1 800zł

Volumetry 3 ml

2 400zł




250zł 1 amp.

Platelet rich plasma PRP (1 region)


Platelet rich plasma PRP (2 region)


Platelet rich plasma PRP (3 region)

1 100zł

Angel System

2 700zł

Lipolisis - Aqualyx

300zł for 1 amp.

PDO threads


Revitalizing Threads

80zł pcs.

Lifting threads

350zł pcs.

Laser therapy


Laser skin revitalization (1 area, e.g. face or neckline)

from 1 400zł

Laser scar correction

from 300zł

Laser removal of skin lesions

from 250zł

Laser discoloration removal

from 300zł

Aesthetic surgery


Surgical removal of skin lesions

from 450zł

Freezing for skin lesions

from 250zł

Histopathological examination


Above prices are net, without 23% of VAT, as some of the treatments can be VAT tax free

The above prices are approximate The above price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code The price includes: the procedure, the length of stay in the clinic (for general anesthesia) and all postoperative care and dressings (or post-operative bra, abdominal belt or compression garment). In a particular case the price may vary from the table given.
Price range depends on the scope and type of treatment.
The Anesthesia table provided the price for standard Anesthesia provided for the treatment.
At the request of the patient, the type of anesthesia can be changed at an additional cost.

Payment for surgery with cash on the day of surgery or before the surgery to our bank account: 17 1240 6670 1111 0000 5642 7462


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